Bling for the Brave: What a Push Present Really Is All About

She did all the work, so why not reward her with a push gift?

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What is a Push Present


Welcome to the fantastic world of push presents, where glitter meets gratitude, and moms are the reigning superheroes of the delivery room! Picture this: a stage set for the grand performance of life, with contractions as the opening act and the newborn’s first cry as the grand finale. In this theatrical spectacle, there’s a dazzling tradition that’s stealing the spotlight – the push present.  Yep, really.

But what exactly is a push present, you ask? It’s a little token of appreciation, a sprinkle of sparkle, and a dash of bling that partners bestow upon the fearless moms who’ve just conquered the Herculean task of childbirth. So, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a whimsical journey into the realm of push presents, where sentimentality meets style, and pushing deserves a standing ovation!  But, just make sure the new mom doesn’t stand quite yet.

What Actullay IS a Push Present?

Imagine this: You’ve just gone through the enormous task of bringing forth life, navigating through the wild seas of contractions, and finally, after what feels like an eternity, you meet your little bundle of joy. Now, while the newborn might be the ultimate reward, some genius decided that the hero behind the labor deserved a little extra something. And thus, the push present was born.

A push present is a thoughtful gift given to a new mother by her partner to commemorate the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth. It’s like a golden ticket to the appreciation factory, where shiny baubles and heartfelt gestures abound.

How Did All This Start?

While the concept of showering new moms with gifts is not entirely new, the term “push present” itself gained popularity in the early 2000s. Legend has it that celebrities, with their penchant for extravagance, started flaunting their post-birth bling, which soon trickled down to the rest of us mere mortals.

The idea is simple: enduring the challenges of pregnancy and pushing a tiny human out into the world is no small feat. So, why not celebrate the achievement with a little trinket that says, “You’re a rockstar, and you deserve the world”?

How Much Should You Spend on a Push Gift

The amount you should spend on a push present can vary widely based on individual preferences, budget constraints, and cultural expectations. There isn’t a strict rule or specific percentage of income to allocate to a push present, as it largely depends on your personal financial situation and the significance you attach to the gift.

However, folks on Reddit are talking about spending upwards of $3,000 – $5,000 on their gift.  Yikes!  However, etiquette expert Jodi RR Smith recommends spending anywhere from $25 – $300.  

So, at the end of the day, unless you’re a Kardashian just spend whatever you can pull off and don’t worry about comparing your gift or budget to anyone else.

Common Push Present Gift Ideas

You can really do anything you want, but some of the most popular push presents are centered around jewelry, spa/pampering/self-care, customized presents, and even some fashion options.  Here’s a breakdown we came up with based on each to hopefully spark some ideas!

Jewelry Galore:

  1. Birthstone Beauty:

    • Consider a piece of jewelry featuring the baby’s birthstone. This could be a delicate pendant, earrings, or a charm bracelet.
    • Combine birthstones creatively, such as a family tree necklace with each family member’s birthstone.

  2. Name Engraved Elegance:

    • Choose a piece of jewelry that can be engraved with the baby’s name or initials.
    • Bracelets, necklaces, or rings can carry a timeless personal touch with the baby’s name or birthdate.

  3. Family Tree Jewelry:

    • Opt for a family tree pendant or bracelet, symbolizing the growth of your family with the addition of the new member.
    • Each branch or leaf can represent a family member, creating a beautiful and meaningful piece.

  4. Coordinates Keepsake:

    • Have the coordinates of the place where your baby was born engraved on a piece of jewelry for a unique and sentimental touch.
    • It could be coordinates of the hospital, your home, or a place that holds special meaning.

Spa Day Extravaganza:

  1. Luxurious Spa Package:

    • Gift a comprehensive spa day package with a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and access to all spa facilities.
    • Ensure that the spa has postnatal treatments tailored to new mothers, providing the pampering they truly deserve.

  2. Weekend Getaway Retreat:

    • Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a cozy bed and breakfast or a luxurious resort.
    • Choose a location with serene surroundings, spa facilities, and perhaps some activities to enjoy as a couple.

  3. Personalized Relaxation Basket:

    • Create a personalized spa basket with scented candles, bath oils, a plush robe, and other relaxation essentials.
    • Include a handwritten note expressing your appreciation and encouraging her to take some time for self-care.

Custom Keepsakes:

  1. Handcrafted Jewelry:

    • Collaborate with a jeweler to design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that incorporates symbols or elements significant to your family.
    • It could be a pendant with initials, birthstones, or charms representing important milestones.

  2. Artistic Handprints or Footprints:

    • Capture the baby’s handprints or footprints in a piece of custom artwork.
    • Choose from mediums like canvas paintings, clay sculptures, or framed prints for a timeless keepsake.

  3. Customized Nursery Decor:

    • Commission an artist to create custom artwork or decor for the baby’s nursery.
    • This could include a mural, personalized name signs, or a mobile with custom elements.

Technology Triumphs:

  1. Professional Photography Equipment:

    • Gift a high-quality camera or upgrade existing photography equipment for capturing precious moments.
    • Consider a photography course or workshop to enhance her skills and make the most of the new gear.

  2. Smart Home Gadgets:

    • Make life easier with smart home devices such as a voice-activated assistant, smart thermostat, or security system.
    • These tech-savvy gifts can help streamline daily tasks for a new mom.

  3. Digital Memory Keeper:

    • Consider a digital photo frame that displays a rotating selection of family photos.
    • Some frames even allow for easy updating through cloud-based services, making it a dynamic and ever-changing display.

Fashion Forward:

  1. Designer Diaper Bag:

    • Elevate the diaper bag game with a stylish and functional designer diaper bag.
    • Look for one with compartments, versatility, and a design that complements her style.

  2. Chic Nursing Apparel:

    • Invest in fashionable and comfortable nursing clothes, such as tops, dresses, and loungewear.
    • Look for pieces with discreet nursing access, allowing her to breastfeed with ease and style.

  3. Runway-Worthy Accessories:

    • Consider accessories like a statement handbag, stylish sunglasses, or a luxurious scarf to add a touch of glamour to her daily look.
    • These accessories can effortlessly elevate even the most casual outfits.

Do Dads Really Get Push Gifts?

While the spotlight often shines on the incredible feats of mothers during childbirth, it’s time to acknowledge the guys of the delivery room – the dads. Gone are the days when they stood nervously in the corner, holding onto a bag of snacks and a camera. Today, dads are active participants in the birthing process, offering support, encouragement, and the occasional dad joke. And what better way to commemorate their role than with a push present of their own?

Traditionally, push presents were reserved for the mother, showering them with appreciation and love. However, as societal norms evolve and parenting becomes more of a shared journey, the idea of push presents for dads has emerged, giving these proud papas their moment in the spotlight.

Push Presents for Dads:

  1. Dapper Daddy Duds: Upgrade his dad wardrobe with a collection of stylish clothes that scream, “I’m not just a dad; I’m a fashion-forward father figure!”

  2. Techie Treasures: For the gadget-loving dad, a new smartwatch, the latest smartphone, or a cutting-edge piece of technology can be the perfect push present.

  3. Gourmet Goodies: Indulge his taste buds with a basket of gourmet treats or a subscription to a monthly food box. After all, the way to a dad’s heart is often through his stomach.

  4. Outdoor Adventures: If he’s the adventurous type, consider gifting an experience – whether it’s a weekend camping trip, a fishing excursion, or tickets to an adrenaline-pumping event.

  5. Dad-Centric Jewelry: Just like moms, dads can appreciate a bit of bling too. A stylish watch, a personalized piece of jewelry, or cufflinks engraved with the baby’s birthdate are thoughtful options.

  6. DIY Dad Tools: For the hands-on dad, a set of high-quality tools or a DIY project kit can be a practical and appreciated push present.

Push presents for dads are not about overshadowing the birthing mother’s experience but acknowledging the shared journey of parenthood. They serve as tokens of gratitude for the emotional support, strength, and love that dads bring to the birthing process.


In the end, the value of a push present transcends the monetary aspect; it is rooted in sentiment, thoughtfulness, and the celebration of a shared adventure. It’s a reminder that in the whirlwind of sleepless nights and endless diaper changes, the love and dedication deserve recognition. As we embark on the rollercoaster ride of parenthood, let push presents be a joyful reminder that every moment, no matter how chaotic, is a cherished step on the remarkable journey of bringing new life into the world. So, whether it’s a modest keepsake or a lavish gesture, let the push present be a reflection of the boundless love and appreciation that accompanies the miracle of birth.