10 Ways to Gift the Arfmazing Dog Lovers in Your Life

Get ready for all the puns because we’ve just uncovered some of the best (and some pretty funny) gift ideas for all the obsessed dog lovers in your life.  It’s arfmazing.  See? What can you gift the dog lover who really has everything?  The answer is:  Something unique.  We’re true believers that our pups are really like our […]

13 Buzzy Ways to Gift the Coffee Lover Who Has Everything

The hottest coffee gifts for someone you love a latte. We start our days with what seems like endless cups of coffee.  We consider ourselves to be aficionados and, TBH, no real coffee snob ever refers to their fave beverage as “joe” or “a cup of joe.”  Yep, we’re those people.  But don’t worry, we’re not too […]

11 Ultimate Beer Gifts For Even the Pickiest of Beer Lovers

The buzziest gifts for the ultimate beer lovers are officially here.  Bottoms up! No true beer lover in your life would ever call their favorite beverage a “brewski” so we’re not going to recommend any gifts that hit tilt on the Lame-o-Meter.  Sure you can snag them a six’er to bring to their Christmas party […]

12 Super Fun Gifts For Gamers of Just About Any Age!

Confused on what to gift the ultimate video gamer in your life?  We’re giving you a total 1Up with these amazing picks. Gamers can be totally picky when it comes to which actual games they want to test out and play.  We’ll seldom go out on a limb to get them a game itself because […]

10 Zen AF Gifts to Give People With Anxiety

If they need a little help chilling out, these anti-anxiety gift ideas are perfect for just about anyone! So many of us deal with anxiety on a regular basis.  Of course, those who are really suffering with anxiety (or depression) should definitely talk to their doctor and a trusted love one to help deal with […]

11 Super Creative Photo Gifts They’ll Actually Want to Use!

With all the photos you have on Insta, Facebook, or just floating mysteriously around “the cloud” there’s nothing quite like an actual physical photo gift you can actually use.   There are a decent amount of options out there but, TBH, they’re all a bit of an eye-roll.  Sure having a calendar or coffee mug can be […]

11 Nostalgic Mister Rogers Gift Ideas That Let You Be You!

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, is bringing out all the Mister Rogers feels.  Grab these gifts for the ultimate Mr Rogers fan before they sell out! As if we couldn’t all love Mr. Rogers any more than we do, Tom Hanks is making us love him even more.  While […]

10 Whimsical Ways to Gift the Unicorn Lover in Your Life

Suns out, horns out! We’re taking a ride over the rainbow to come up with some truly magical unicorn gifts that’ll bring a little joy into their lives. You’re not alone in your absolute obsession over all things ‘unicorn.’  Some people think unicorn merch is for kids.  Guess what?  We’re not friends with those people.  […]

12 Ways to Gift the Ultimate Friends Fans (TV Show) in Your Life

The one with all the gifts for every Friends fan who will never let the show go. And no using the excuse, “We were on a break” because you still have to gift them something this year.  The show may have debuted 25 years ago (seriously, how old are we?!) but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t […]

10 Travel Gifts For Even the Pickiest Traveler in Your Life

Traveling may be an absolute nightmare, but these pretty unique travel gifts will make even the pickiest traveler happy to jump on that next flight! While just about everyone loves to be away on the trip of their dreams, the actual process of traveling isn’t always the most fun.  It also stresses us out, makes us […]

12 Unique Ways to Say Thank You With the Perfect Gift

Tired of giving or getting the same old thank you gifts?  We’re passing on the stationary and moving into ideas they’ll actually use and be grateful for. We’re all in agreement that getting a gift is actually pretty fun.  Having to say thanks for said gift, well, not the easiest thing for us to do.  We’re all […]

11 Expensive Gift Ideas to Live the Life of Luxury This Year

Really amazing ideas for those of us who are looking to go more of the expensive route this season. While we’re typically looking for the best deal (read: cheap) once in a while we want to find something that fits more into the luxury gift category (read: expensive).  If you’re not the rich and famous, […]

The 10 Ways to Gift the Obsessive Golfer in Your Life

Move over Tiger (yes, he’s back) because there’s a new golf champ in town and here’s some of the coolest golf gift ideas to give that obsessive special someone. So, uh, what exactly are you supposed to gift the avid golfer in your life, especially if they already have everything?  So many sites out there basically […]

19 Amazing Wine Gift Ideas Any Vino Lover Would Drink To!

If you’re not actually getting them wine, what on earth are you supposed to gift the wine lover who already has everything?  We got you. How many coffee mugs can they possibly have that say lame phrases like “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere” and “It’s Wine Time.”  Dreadful.  Sure we may own one or two of […]

15 Nerdy Ways to Gift the Biggest Geek in Your Life

We love geeks.  We are geeks!  Nerds are one of the best groups of people to have to shop for because there are so many different gift ideas! First off we want to go on record stating that we are the biggest geek ever and totally proud of that.  We feel like we’re experts in all […]

Chic AF Gift Ideas For Galentine’s Day Because You Don’t Need a Man, Honey!

It’s officially our favorite day of the entire year (sorry Christmas).  Yes girl, Galentine’s Day.  Here’s how you can celebrate and gift your fave Galentine this year. You. Do. Not. Need. A. Man.  We repeat.  You 👏🏻 do 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 need 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 man.  Ok, now before you say we’re “man haters” you couldn’t […]

18 Ways to Gift Your New Fiancé They’ll Love!

Found yourself a fiancé?  First off, great job catching them!  Second, it’s time to find the perfect gift for them they’ll actually want.  You’ve come to the right place. You’ve just found “your person” and you couldn’t be more excited.  We remember those days.  And like with everything else, you have to find them the […]

12 Amazing Yoga Gift Ideas That Work For Just About Any Yogi

When they’re all about the namaste give ’em one of these top selling yoga gifts that’ll keep them busy so you don’t have to hear about “…that one time at yoga” for a while.  Namastay in bed instead. It’s not that we don’t love yoga, we just don’t want to talk about it all the […]

13 Unusual Gift Ideas They’ll Actually Use This Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and that means it can be the most unusual time of the year!  Why not gift them with some pretty unique and unusual (but in a good way) gift ideas for just about everyone who made it onto your list! When it comes time start checking people off your […]

Amazing Gifts For all the Heroic Nurses & Doctors in Your Life

We appreciate all the nurses and doctors out there, now, more than ever!  Help show your total appreciate for these frontline heroes with one of these thoughtful (and even fun) gifts perfect for just about any of them! There are a million ways to say thank you to all the nurses and doctors out there, […]

11 Super Fun Schitt’s Creek Gift Ideas That are ‘Simply the Best’

We’d love to think that all these gifts are totally Rose Apothecary approved, but we’ll settle for your stamp of approval.  Schitt’s Creek may have officially ended this year (moment of silence), but thanks to Netflix we can (and do) watch it on a loop each and every night.  If you and your friends are […]

Picture It. Golden Girls Gifts. 2024.

Whether you’re a Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, or Sophia the one thing we all have in common is that we’re obsessed with all things ‘Golden Girls.’  Their jokes and delivery still hold up until this day, their timing was impeccable, and their energy (and dating life) showed us that life isn’t over once you pass 50 years […]

11 Ideas on What to Gift the Sloth Lover in Your Life

What was once seen as a flash in the pan is now officially here to stay.  Yep, we’re talking about sloths.  In fact, it’s all we really want to talk about in life in general.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the sloth lover in your life, well, come on in and take […]

The Top 10 Experience Presents to Gift That Won’t Break the Bank

Tired of the same old gifts?  In a year where we could all get out again, you can’t really go wrong with gifting those on your list an experience that they can do whenever works best for them! How many more gift cards can you really give someone?  At this point it’s like all we’re […]