Sale on Rain Bird this 4th of July!

Lawn-Approved Rain Bird Sprinkler Sales this 4th of July!

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If you’re ready to breathe new life in your burnt out and tired lawn, a sprinkler system is a must! Sure they can be outrageously expensive, but we found some pretty great sales on a variety of Rain Bird products this 4th of July!

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Not only can sprinkler systems be expensive to buy and install, but programming can be more confusing than ever. We own the latest Rain Bird sprinkler system (the one with the WiFi option) and programming it has been a breeze. While they can of course be pricey, depending on what exactly you need – like a replacement head, valves, a new timer – they’re a bit more affordable than ever before thanks to all the Rain Bird sales happening during the Fourth of July online sale promotion. If getting an extra 30% off sounds good to you, keep scrolling!

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We love our Rain Bird, but we’re certainly not in-ground sprinkler experts. Ours came with our home and was old so we just simply upgraded and have been happy ever since. However, we did turn to the sprinkler experts out there who have tested out a bunch of the most popular brands to see which were worth it, which made the cut, and what their personal favorites were. The testing editors at Better Homes & Gardens, Popular Science Magazine, and My Move have all named Rain Bird as the best in-ground sprinkler system of the year. You can’t argue with the experts after all! While they’re not always having a major sale, we were able to find some of Rain Bird’s top selling products on sale this 4th of July! Whether you’re looking for the timer, the controller, need to replace some sprinkler heads, valves, underground hose, or other parts check out all the deals we’ve uncovered today.

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Regular Lawn Sprinklers: Not quite ready to invest in an entire in-ground sprinkler system? We get it. Check out some of the more traditional sprinklers that are currently best sellers and on sale.

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