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Replacing all your batteries doesn’t have to cost you a ton. Sure it’s still going to be kind of expensive, but we’ve found some really decent deals on a variety of battery sales this Father’s Day!

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You never really think about having to replace your batteries until whatever you’re using just stops working. For us, it’s always our remote control for our TV. And you never really think about just how expensive they are until it’s actually time to buy them. Since we’re always looking for the best deals we can, we found some truly amazing sale prices on a wide variety of batteries, sizes, and brands during the Father’s Day online sale promotion. Some are even 33% off right now!

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Even if we aren’t battery experts, we all basically know that some of the top brands include Energizer and Duracell. They’re tried and true, have been around for so many years, and are easily accessible both in stores and online. But we turned to some battery obsessors who love to review and test out a wide variety of them and figure out which are the best. We checked in with the reviewers from Consumer Reports, Forbes, and Life Savvy. While Duracell and Energizer both made their “Best Of” lists, there are some additional top rated battery brands as well like Rayovac, Amazon Basics, and Panasonic (for rechargeable batteries). Most of these are currently on sale this Father’s Day! Whether you’re looking for AA, AAA, C, D or whatever – we’re counting down some of the best deals of the day.

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